Jason Strudwick D-Man Camp


Since retiring I have been working with hockey players of all ages. There are always holes in developing player's games. After being on the ice with defenceman from 8 to 18 years old, clear areas of weakness became evident.

I am really looking forward to getting back on the ice with young defenceman. Previous camps were a great success. The hour length practice sessions worked just as I had hoped. The player's were engaged the whole 60 minutes, they didn't lose their focus. We worked on specific areas of defenceman play, we will do the same again this Spring.

We will work on specific areas that are important for defenceman. One on one play, gap control, net battles and of course anti "dead stick" work will be just some of the areas worked on.

All d-men are expected to be able to move the puck now. We will spend time working on puck retrieval while checking shoulders to know where to make their next play. This is a very important skill to learn so players can protect themselves.

My goal for this camp is for all players to develop a better understanding of playing the position of defence from covering the areas mentioned above. There are other skills required to play the position of which we will cover as well.

The sessions will be structured and organized to work on specific skills each day. Each participant will receive instruction from all the instructors and of course I will be on the ice for all sessions. I firmly believe in giving feedback and suggestions to the young players. With a ratio of no more then 6 skaters for each instructor, this is possible.

My expectations for the players is to come to the camp prepared to pay attention, to work, to learn and to improve. Just because you are on the ice doesn't mean you are getting better. I made the decision to keep the ice times at 1 hour so that the players will never lose focus. I firmly believe in quality over quantity. We will have fun but with success in mind!

Between now and then make sure you all are running and doing the push ups we spoke about in April! (That is for the players, but parents you are welcome to do the same!)

- Jason

NHL Defenceman Jason Strudwick