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D-Men....One Skill At A Time !

With over 600 NHL games and 17 years of professional hockey, I have learned a lot about playing defence. I believe it is the hardest position to master. Retrieving and making a break out pass under pressure from a forecheck isn't easy. Separating the forward from the puck using your stick and body takes time to get right. I believe all the skills a dman requires are learnt through repetition. Read more.

A defenceman must be able to shoot, pass and skate with the puck. They must have good stick placement to be good defenders. So often I see dmen at all levels with their sticks in the air or with "Dead Stick". These are areas I will work on with the young players.

I want to give you the opportunity to learn the drills that players use every practice in the NHL to improve their games and keep them sharp. I will share small tricks and tips used in the NHL to make playing defence easier.

Developing and improving upon the basic hockey skills for defencemen such as shooting, passing, skating and stick placement is a never ending process. Whether it is a player's first year of hockey or his tenth in the NHL, these skills are essential and require time and effort to build and maintain.

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Unique Summer Camp

August 18-22, 2014 - Bill Hunter Arena

Jason Strudwick
David Pelletier
& Body by Bennett

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